When can I show up? VIP (also known as XL Experience) are allowed to enter at 11 am, with General Admission gates opening at Noon.

Can I bring in kids? Sorry, you must be 21 or over to attend the festival. A valid state-issued ID must be presented at time of entrance with no exception.

Do you offer chairs? Of course, we do, we want you to be comfortable. Do we offer enough, probably not… If you are worried about guaranteeing yourself a seat, feel free to bring in a chair in a bag.

May I bring pets? Nope, please leave fido at home..

May I enter the casino and come back to the fest? Yes, while we do not allow re-entrance we do allow the exception of visiting the casino. There will be an entrance open by the roundabout entrance. Please make sure you keep your ticket, cup, and lanyard to ensure re-entry.

Can I bring an umbrella? We recommend ponchos, but you are allowed to bring in a small handheld umbrella.

What is the weather policy: We are a rain or shine event. We have been known to have a good time in a rainstorm! However, there are a few exceptions. We use the 30/30 lightning rule (a lightning strike with thunder audible within 30 seconds) will trigger a mandatory evucation for 30 minutes past the last qualifying audible thunder strike. Also, a severe wind that threatens the safety of festival-goers will also force a mandatory evacuation. Finally even a rainstorm could force an evacuation should the unlikely event of flooding occur. Should the need of evacuation occur, please follow the safety instructions of our crowd management team. We will announce when/if the festival is reopening on our facebook page.

What happens if we have a mandatory evacuation? While we will do everything we can to get every minute of the festival in, our liquor license only allows the festival to run from 11 am-5 pm, any lost time to a mandatory evacuation will not be made up.

Why are you doing this? We love a good time, especially when it helps a great cause. Raising money for Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry is something we take very seriously. We try to offer the best selection possible for the lowest price, to ensure we raise money for the charity. Due to this, no weather related refunds will be given.